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Why Can't I Watch?

When you have a child, especially a little one, and you are leaving them for any amount of time, it can be tough.

We understand that you might be worried about leaving your child with us for their dance lesson.

But please don't be. The truth is, students focus best when it's just them and their teacher in the room. When observers enter the room, children will focus on their parent and will have a much harder time separating. Children will much more quickly develop trust and rapport with their teacher when observers are not present.

Our dance classes are extremely safe, fun, and encouraging.

Your child will learn all about taking turns, following directions with multiple steps, listening to the teacher, making friends, and more. These are all school readiness skills that they are learning as well.

Young children see their parents as their main focus and favourite people and therefore are unable to focus or learn while they are present. They will watch you, your reactions and expressions, etc. We also need to remember that the other children in the room may feel uncomfortable with others in the room watching which will also pull their focus away.

But can't I just come in once?

Unfortunately, once we allow a parent to come into class, when it is time for them to step out of the room, the child will be very upset as they will not understand why they could come in one week but not the other.

My child is crying. They must not be ready!

As upsetting as it can be to see and hear your child crying, I assure you, it is completely, 100% normal. They are entering a new environment and they are learning to separate from their parents for short periods of time. Many children cry when they go to school for the first few weeks, but that doesn't mean they aren't ready. And we also don't come to school with our children and watch their classes. Eventually, your child will realize that this is a safe and fun environment. They will start to feel comfortable, make friends, and explore new movements.

Will I ever get to watch?

Yes! We love to share exciting moments with you! Sometimes you will be invited the last few minutes of class to see something the class has been working on. We also work on mini performances during holiday seasons that we will invite you to come in and watch at the end of class. And of course, our favourite, our annual recital in June is always such an amazing experience for the whole family!

As a mother myself, I understand how you feel. I assure you, your child is in wonderful hands here at Xtreme.

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