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21 Audition Tips

As our Nutcracker auditions are coming up tomorrow (October 3rd, 2021), we thought this would be the perfect time to give dancers some audition tips!

Here are some tips that will help you not only make the most out of your audition, but to stand out so you can have a better chance of getting that part you're after:


  1. Dress appropriately. Always check to see what the dress code is for your audition. If there is nothing stated, your best bet is to show up in a black leotard or fitted dancewear. If it's a hip hop audition, for example, then you would show up in more loose-fitting attire.

  2. Get your hair out of your face. A bun is always, always your safest bet and not only looks professional, but also ensures that your hair will not be a distraction when you're dancing.

  3. Bring a headshot and CV. This is not always required (don't worry - this is not needed for tomorrow's audition!), so make sure you read all the information required for the audition to see if it's something you will need to bring with you.

  4. Stand out. If you're in an audition with a bunch of people wearing black leotards, pink tights, and ballet shoes (for example), add a personal touch that will make you stand out. Maybe it's a hair bow or bandana on your head that has the studio/company colors on it. Maybe it's the way you do your makeup.

  5. Stay in your place. If you've been given a certain place to stand or you are given a number to wear, be sure to stay in that place unless you are specifically asked to move. This shows that you are aware of your surroundings and can follow direction.

  6. Bring all your dance shoes. Even if you don't think you'll need to whip out those tap shoes, you never know. Bring dance shoes for every style you train in so you are super prepared.

  7. Don't bring your phone. Be sure to keep your phone in a safe place if you bring it, but do not bring it in the audition room with you. If you absolutely must, keep it in your dance bag and either off or on silent.

  8. Audition and practice like you perform. Don't save your facial expressions for the day of the show... this never works! By the time the show comes around, you will be so focused on adding in smiling and facial expressions that you won't be able to properly concentrate on the actual dancing that you have been rehearsing for weeks or months! Always, always dance full out every single time.

  9. Learn quickly and apply corrections. This takes practice, but it's never too late to start! If you are given a correction, be sure to thank the choreographer and apply it immediately.

  10. Show off. Now is the time to show the choreographers and judges what you're all about and what you can do! Be fierce and fearless!

  11. Know your role. Research what you are auditioning for and what role(s) you would ideally like for yourself. Know what that character is like so you can portray them accurately.

  12. Be respectful and stay focused. Have a positive and upbeat attitude throughout the audition. Roll with the punches. If you mess up, don't let it bother you - just keep going!

  13. Arrive early. Be sure to arrive about 15-20 minutes early to warm up and stretch. This also shows that you are excited and ready to perform.

  14. Be prepared to improv. Most dance auditions will ask you to improv. This is a huge chance for you to show off your abilities and confidence. Do not shy away from it or just stand there. Give it your all!

  15. Thank the choreographers and judges. Without getting too close to the judging table, be sure to curtsey/bow and thank the judges and choreographer for their time. If there is a separate person playing the music, be sure to thank them as well.

  16. Don't take it personally. If you didn't get the exact role you wanted - that's okay! There will always be other opportunities. Show that you are a team player and are supportive of other dancers. Sometimes decisions are made based on things like costuming. If there is a role you wanted but you are really tall and the judges know the costume won't fit you, it's not personal. It's only about what is going to actually work for the show and make all the parts come together. This is just one example. Rejection does not always mean someone was better - sometimes it's just practical things that had to be thought of during placements.

  17. Eat something healthy. Before your audition, be sure to eat something nutritious so you have the energy you need to do your best.

  18. Don't talk. Talking while the audition is in session is extremely disrespectful and can get you kicked out of the room, and even the entire show altogether. Only speak wen you are asked to.

  19. Walk in independently. Now, if you have a young child (younger than 8) auditioning, of course you can walk them into the studio for the audition. If you are 8 and above, you should be comfortable walking in with the other dancers and getting warmed up.

  20. Parents, this one is for you! We know you want to watch, but auditions are usually closed unless otherwise stated. When you drop off your child, please wish them good luck and pick them up at their scheduled finish time. We know you're excited, but we want to help our dancers gain some independence. Also, people watching auditions can make dancers extra nervous!

Most importantly, be sure to have FUN!

We hope this helped you feel more comfortable and prepared for your audition!

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