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Season 10 is Coming!

Hello everyone! I hope your summer has been completely amazing and that you have gotten some much needed rest in, as well as keeping up with your dance training.

As we enter into our 10th season at Xtreme, I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the wonderful people I have in my life. I have been so blessed to teach thousands of dancers since I started my teaching career over 18 years ago. When I opened Xtreme, I knew I wanted to provide the absolute best to each student that walked through my door. I have continued my training both as a dancer and as a teacher, allowing me to offer unparalleled training to my dancers.

Season 10 at Xtreme is going to be the most epic season yet. Not only are we celebrating our 10th anniversary, but we have loads of surprises in store. I have brought more teachers on board and we will be bringing back new and improved programs to the studio.

Our acting and music programs are coming back in full force this season! We are also introducing other streams such as dance-based fitness classes, yoga, music therapy, and more.

We would like you too join us in celebrating by attending our annual Summer Open House!

When: Saturday, August 17th, 2019 Where: XDW - 624 Chilver Rd. Time: 11:00am - 5:00pm

We will be having FREE mini-class sessions throughout the day (you can find the schedule in our Facebook event here), refreshments, our much loved prize wheel, and more. This year we also brought back our famous raffle! When you register for Season 10 at our open house, you will automatically be entered to win a FREE recital costume! Woohoo!

Please head on over here to our Facebook event where you can click that you are going and share the event with all your friends and family to spread the love!

I can't to see returning students and brand new faces! See you there!

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