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5 Weeks, 5 Recital Tips: Tip #3

Hello again! We are here again with another helpful tip to make your recital experience go as smooth as possible. If you missed the last two tips, be sure to check them out and come on back and read today's tip.

Preparing for the Big Show

Here at Xtreme, we are getting very close to dress rehearsals and, of course, recital! As the days/weeks are leading up to the big day, here are some helpful tips to prepare

ahead of time so dress rehearsals and recital go as planned:


Never underestimate the power of labeling. This will save you a huge headache, stress, and anxiety when you are trying to find your belongings in a pile of other people's things. Be sure to put your initials on:

- your makeup case and hair bag

- all costumes (use pencil or pen so you don't bleed through with markers)

- all tights

- all dance shoes

- your dance bag

- Ziploc bags with your costume accessories in it

2) Make a Checklist

At XDW, we provide our dancers with a checklist for recital that they can easily use to check off each item as they pack and prepare for dress rehearsals and recital. If your studio doesn't offer one, be sure to make a checklist that is neat and tidy (preferably on the computer so it looks organized) with the following categories:

- makeup supplies

- hair supplies

- costumes

- accessories

- reminders (such as no nail polish, no visible Band-Aids, etc.)

3) Practice Quick Changes

Once you get the recital lineup, check to see if you have any quick changes. If you do,

practice changing your costumes as quick as you can. Aim for less than 3 minutes, tights and shoes included. Be careful with your costumes - don't be too rough while changing... there is definitely not enough time for your studio to get a replacement sent out!

That's it for this week's tip! Comment below and let us know which tip you found most helpful from today's post.

See you next week!

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