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My Year as an XDW Ambassador

I never knew my year as an XDW Ambassador was going to be fun, but I never expected it to be like this!

Well, first it started off as making a video on why I want to become an ambassador. Once I did that, I ended up becoming an ambassador and I was so filled with joy.

I instantly knew I wanted to help with all the classes I could, so I ended up helping demonstrate/assist 8 classes. I also worked with the 2 other ambassadors to make a fundraiser for the DreamWorks Foundation. We did a bake sale featuring baked goods from around the world, raffles, and, in the end, we raised almost $300!

Would I apply to be an ambassador again?

Yes, I would because it was an awesome experience! Being involved in this type of leadership role can prepare you for things when you're older. For example, working with little kids if you want to work at a daycare one day. Learning that showing up at least 15 minutes early can make a great habit to get into as well, that way you are never late for interviews, auditions, etc.

It has also affected my other classes...

By helping with little ones, or even helping with some older classes, I paid more attention in my regular classes and also made me remember the rules of the studio better, as well as dance class etiquette!

I would totally recommend being on the ambassador program for anyone looking to gain great experiences and learn leadership skills, so don't be shy - reach out and apply!

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