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My AMAZING XDW Ambassador Experience

The 8th season is coming to an end, so for the last blog of the year I wanted to talk about how being an XDW ambassador is AMAZING!! So, here are a few reasons on why being an ambassador is totally amazing:

  1. Fundraising

This year was my first year of being an ambassador and I have had such a fun time doing so many activities. One of those activities is fundraisers! As you may know, the ambassadors had recently organized the around the world bake sale for the DreamMakers Foundation. I had so much fun creating raffles, selling baked goods, and organizing this fundraiser with my friends. At the end, we ended up selling $289.30 worth of baked goods for DMF!

1. Teamwork & Friends

During my journey of being an ambassador, I have learned so much and made so many friends - not just the other ambassadors, but with everyone in the studio... even parents! While being an ambassador, I learned the skill of teamwork and how important it is. When you're an ambassador, you get to make fundraisers, as I had said, but it took a lot of time, effort, and, of course, teamwork to create that fundraiser... which was 100% worth it at the end!

2. Assisting

When you're an XDW ambassador, you get to assist/demonstrate in classes. I am currently assisting a jr.hip hop class. I have learned so much just by assisting a class! I have learned a lot about kids, my teachers, and I have even gotten closer to them. Also, assisting a class is very helpful if you want to brush up on your old technique, dance moves, or theory.

4. Lifelong Skills

During my ambassador journey, I have learned so many lifelong lessons and skills. Here are just a few:

- teamwork

- sportsmanship

- cooperation

- professionalism

- how to handle/help with children

- etiquette

...and so much more.

All of these are going to be very helpful in the long run!


Ahhh, of course, my favourite part... the memories! When you're a part of any team, memories come with you. This year, being an ambassador, I have made so many memories of David and Jada (and everyone else, too, of course), like the time we had organized and ran our own fundraiser, the ambassador meetings, when we would go on ambassador outings together, and assisting classes!

Overall being an XDW ambassador was total amazing this year. I 100% recommend being an ambassador and I hope you will join me next year on another Ambassador journey!

Comment below why you want to be an ambassador! Well...until September, this is Kashvi, your XDW ambassador signing off!

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