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What it Means to be on Team

One thing to remember is... there is no "I" in team.

Team is a big commitment, you need to follow the rules of the team. There is not a guaranteed spot for every year, so you need to work your hardest in each and every class and be prepared for anything as you are a role model for everyone else.

If you are considering auditioning for the team, or if you are already on it, you might have to miss some social activities... birthday parties, festivals, or even maybe overnight field trips. You will, however, get to spend time with your teammates and bond making friendships and travel.

We all stay in a nice,comfy hotel and then get prepared to go to the competition. Sometimes, if we have time over the weekend and everyone is done competing, we go swimming together. We always go for lunch or dinner all together as a team in different, fun restaurants. At our last competition, we ate at an old train station that they turned into a fancy restaurant! And last season we ate in a restaurant that was designed like a spaceship!

Another thing to consider is that, when choosing to join the competition team, you should try to commit to more than one season. The only way for the team to grow and get better is for us to stay together and keep working hard every year. The longer you stay on the team, the more success you will have and the more chances you will get to earn a solo!

Choosing team will be great experience and I hope that You join ours!

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