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It's Good to be Prepared!

Admit it - there’s been a time in your life where you have not been prepared. Whether it be for a test or a presentation. Today, I'm going to talk about

the importance of being ready to take dance exams. I felt it would be a fitting subject because I'm having a mock exam soon.


So, for every style of dance there is usually theory or a syllabus. As a dancer, this theory should be your life until you take the exam. In fact, you should know it before and after. You will thank yourself for knowing it.

How do I know this, dear reader? Let me tell you!

When your dance teacher asks you a question in class and you know the answer and get it right, it's the BEST FEELING EVER!!! With good theory comes great technique.


Technique is VERY important - especially for ballet as it is the foundation for all dance. Proper technique can save you from numerous injuries in future. For example...

Back in December, I was working on a dance and I got off the hoop the wrong way, and because I didn't get off the hoop the right way and use proper technique, I dislocated my rib. To this day I suffer for it. So when your dance teacher gives you a correction, you are best to follow it and work to the best of your ability to fix it.

Alright, like every good dance class must come to an end, so must every good blog come to its conclusion. Remember what you read today, and hey, as a challenge, comment on how you study. Do you do it with a friend? Do you use flash cards? I’m interested and it would be nice to get some feedback. Till next time everybody, have a good month!

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