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Beat Your Best Challenge

You are in your second week of no school... and no dance. While a bit of a break is always fun (and needed), don't make your whole break a couch potato's dream - now is the best time to get back into BEAST MODE!

Dancers, I am going to challenge you. From now until the day you step back into dance class, you are going to do the Beat Your Best Challenge. "What the heck is that?!" you may be asking. Read on...

Listed here are 5 different conditioning workouts. Every day you are going to complete each workout and write down your results. Aim to do more and more of each exercise each day. Every day, you are trying to beat your best.

So what are you going to do with this?

Step 1

Let us know you are taking the Beat Your Best Challenge by posting on Instagram or Facebook (comment below, too!) with the hashtag #xdwbeatyourbest

Step 2

Post your results each day (using the hashtag).

Step 3

Your last post is the day you walk into dance class. Hold a sign up that says "I Beat My Best!" inside your dance studio. Don't forget the hashtag! The contest ends on January 21st.

Did I mention there is a PRIZE at stake?!

Everyone who enters the contest and follows each step will be put into a draw to win a WEEK of UNLIMITED CLASSES!

I can't wait to see everyone's results!

1. Basketball Jumps (as many as you can)

2. V Ups (as many as you can)

3. Push Ups (as many as you can)

4. Handstand Against the Wall (hold as long as you can)

5. Calf Rises (as many as you can)

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