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4 Tips for Traveling

For the month of December, I went on a trip to India and I knew that I needed to practice so that I don't lose any skills because it takes a long time (and hard work) to earn them... and losing them would be bad.

Here are 4 ways that I maintained my skills while in India:

1. Find a right time

It's important that, when you set a goal, you find a time that's best for you to practice. For me, I practiced at 7:00 PM everyday doing stretches for my splits. I knew that I would forget, so I simply just set an alarm to remind me.

2. Find the right spot

Find a peaceful area where you can practice - not an area that you will be easily distracted by. Sometimes I would stretch outside if it was good weather. This is also a good idea if there is not much room indoors. If I needed it, there was always an available room inside for me.

3. Bring proper clothing

Bringing a pair of loose and comfortable clothing is a smart idea. Nobody wants to be doing their splits in a pair of jeans! I just brought a short sleeve shirt and some leggings. Remember to put your hair up!

4. Practice known moves

Practice the moves that you have already got down. You have to keep practicing your skill after getting it so that you don't lose it, even if it's cartwheeling your way to your room or leaping down the halls.

That is how I maintained all of my dance moves while in India. Comment how you like to practice your skills.

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