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Competitive Dance - Pros & Cons

Like anything, there are pros and cons to being on a competition team (of any kind, really). These are the pros and cons from my view as a dancer.

We will start with the cons:

1) When you are on competition team, you will have to miss some of the events that you usually do each year (friends' birthdays, parties, events etc.)

2) You might go home one day after a tough rehearsal and be so frustrated with yourself that you cry. It gets tougher as you get closer to competition, but you’ll get through it.

Now let's do the pros:

1) You get to travel everywhere!

2) You get to watch other amazing dancers that you will look up to and see how great of a dancer you could become.

3) You can help other people in your regular classes and demonstrate/assist younger classes.

4) Team bonding!

5) You make so many more friends that really end up being like family.

I hope that you audition for our competition team so you can have as much fun as I do. Let me tell you, once you join, you won't want to stop!

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