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Be Prepared

Studying dance in your off time is important because there is lots of technique and certain ways to do things. For ballet, you need to study theory, technique, etc. and to be able to execute all the exercises in order to take an exam and advance to the next grade.

Practicing is important for extra performance opportunities like parades, shows/productions, and recitals. When it comes time to perform on stage, you can see who has or has not practiced. When you practice you make yourself and the team look better.

Most people give the excuse that there isn’t the time to practice or study, but I have a simple solution to this...

FIND TIME. It’s as simple as that.

When you commit to dance, it’s the same as committing to any other craft. In order to excel and become the best you can be, the study and practice of the discipline is very important. Those who put the effort in get the most out of it.

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