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My Thoughts on Ballet Day

Recently I went to the annual ballet day that we have here in Windsor. Ballet Day is a perfect time to work on technique as well as perfect time to meet other dancers from other studios and schools, and you get an

opportunity to meet other teachers.

At the beginning of the day, I was very nervous. All of us had to do a ballet class together with a permanent Cecchetti examiner. It turns out that she really liked my technique and form and even complimented me on it. At first I didn’t think much of the compliment, but then when I actually processed it, I got really excited and proud of myself.

As the day went on I felt a lot more confident in myself. But right after the ballet class we had an audition. Leading up to the audition I thought it was very interesting and I wanted to see how they handle the audition process as I have gone for auditions at my dance school as well. I thought the way they did it was good but, personally, I feel my dance studio does it better.

Then it was jazz class. Overall, I think it was a good class. We did a combination, but, in my opinion, we should have stretched first because that makes our job a lot easier. But other than that, I don’t have much to say.

Following that class, we did contemporary. I thought the teacher was very funny and a very good teacher. It is the first male dance teacher that ever taught me, so that is interesting, I guess. We did a small combo, some across the floors, and at the end, we played this pretty good game. It's hard to explain, but one person does a couple of dance moves, then the next, and that repeats until we get to ten. So overall a very interesting, but fun class.

Then was conditioning which in my opinion wasn’t very good because I feel she spent too much time explaining the stretches in great length. She could of summed it up much faster so we could have gotten a lot more stretches and warm ups done. For what it was, it was an okay class with some stretches that I haven’t done before, which it's always good to learn new stretches.

The next and last class was jazz funk I thought it was a very interesting and fun new style that I haven’t tried before. We learned a pretty sweet combo. That was a lot of fun to learn and overall a great class.

Next year I'm definitely going again and I hope you do too! It’s a great dancing experience and it was a pretty fun day of not only dancing, but also learning new things.

This concludes my blog and I hope to see you next month!

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