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5 Reasons Why I Love Being on the Competition Team

Hello my name is Kashvi! Today I'm going to be taking about 5 reasons why I love being apart of the XDW competition team, Company X.

1. Challenges

Every day at dance I challenge myself to do something that I've never done before. My teacher, Miss.Brynn, always tells us that going out of your comfort zone is the only way you will improve.

2. Friends

Dancing is much better with friends along the way to help you and to have fun with. Now that I'm on the competition team, I have mad so many new friends and there are so many more new friends to make.

3. Experience

When I took dance last year, the experience was amazing and so fun. That's one of my favourite parts about dancing and made me want to audition for the team. While dancing and working hard you will realize that you are making memories that will last forever. Being on the competition team is a privilege that not many people have and I am very lucky to experience that.

4. Improvement

Watching yourself and others improve is one of the best feelings in the world. I learn something new every day at dance and I always work hard to achieve my goal.

5. Inspire

At dance I don't only learn dancing but I also learn life lessons such as hard work, sportsmanship, responsibility, and much more. Without dance I wouldn't be the person that I am today because dance has taught me so many things that will go a long way.

I hope you enjoyed my blog. Comment below and let me know what your favourite part about dancing is!

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