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Is Your Dance Teacher Right for You?

Hello, I am David Dutkowski and what you are about to read is the ways certain dance teachers and make or break your dance experience.

When I was a young kid, at the age of about two, I tried dance for the very first time. I don’t exactly remember what happened, because I was two, however I do know that they asked me to leave because I walked up to the mirrors and their feet. Now, I am no rocket scientist, but I am pretty sure that is what all two year old do. So to me, that is an example of a bad dance teacher.

Years later when I was ten years old, I decided to try dance again. I instantaneously felt welcomed and valued. My current teacher inspires every student to be the best that they can be. She will do everything in her power to make sure you have a good experience in her classes. I thank her very much for that.

Some things to look for to know if you have a bad dance teacher are:

- Lack of direction

- Lack of passion

- Poor leadership skills

- Acting like they have better things to do

Some examples of a good dance teacher are:

- Respectful

- You can tell that they are happy to be there

- Excited to be there

- Passionate about being there and passionate about teaching dance

- They won’t accept anything less 110% percent and they will push you to do your best

Those are just some of the examples of both categories.

Thank you for taking time out of your day and reading this article, it is very much appreciated. This article is a guide to be able to find out if you have a good, caring dance teacher. If you love to dance but think something is missing or you want to quit because you think you lost your passion to dance, don’t quit! Try out other dance studio and until you find a dance teacher who inspires you.

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