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3 Tips to Fit in Homework with Dance

Having trouble fitting homework in with dance? Are you screaming "HELP?!" inside? I'm a dancer myself and I have had a hard time fitting my homework in before dance.

I find that if you figure out how much time you have between dance and school you can start time managing for your homework instead of being a complete disaster. And when you think about it, you have to eat, do your homework, get ready and have all the stuff you need for dance, AND you have to be on time! So, here are some ideas that have helped me and can help you, too!

1. Getting things ready

If you get all your stuff ready the night before, you save 15 minutes that you can put towards doing homework before leaving for dance! Don't forget to pack non-perishable snacks during this time as well.

2 .Preparing for the dance day

It should only take you 15 minutes to get into your dancewear and grab a healthy snack. If you put your things that you need in the wash the night before, you won't be scrambling to find clean dance clothes.

3. Bringing your homework with you

If you have a break during dance, bring your homework with you so you can finish it if you did not get to finish it before dance.

I hope these tips helped you! Comment below if you try or have tried any of these tips.

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