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10 Things I Learned from Dance

Dance has so many benefits! Today, I would like to share with you 10 things that I personally have learned from dance.

1. Always come prepared.

Not coming prepared is very embarrassing! When your hair is not in a bun or you're not in the right dance attire, it also shows that you don't really care. Show other people that you care. Being prepared means your hair is up in a bun, you have the right dance attire (leotards,shoes etc),extra hair ties and hair nets, extra tights, etc.

2. Be a good sport.

Being a good sport means to have a good attitude no matter what happens and to always cheer on other teams and your classmates when you're not dancing. Always be a good sport to yourself as well and never underestimate what you can do.

3. Hardworking means giving 110%.

Not trying your best will get you nowhere. You won't learn new things if you don't try your best. NEVER say the word "can't" - it's technically a swear word in the dance world! Have you ever heard the quote "nothing worth having comes easy?" That means that you have to work for every thing you get! 

4. Teamwork.

Working together makes everything better. An example of using teamwork is: if your friend needs help on a skill, out or if you forget something, work together and help each other. 

5. Ask questions.

Never be afraid to ask questions in class. Whether it's about a routine or about a skill, asking has never been a bad thing. And remember, any teacher you have will go over what you need - just raise up your hand and ask politely. Asking is a sign that you care and you want to do your best on stage.

6. Listen.

Make sure to always listen in class so your teacher will not have to repeat it. The teacher will only repeat it if you don't understand or something is unclear - not if you weren't listening. Listening is also a sign that you care and that you want to do you best on stage.

7. Set goals.

Always set goals for yourself. That's just one way that you can get better. Make a commitment to that goal and practice. Set your goal and practice for about a month. For an example, I set a goal a while ago to get my left cartwheel and I practiced every day for 3 weeks and now I have my left cartwheel. So practice, and when you have your goal you will be proud. 

8. Practice.

Practice makes perfect! Practicing is one of the things you need to be a good dancer. One you have learned a new skill or dance, practice right away at least for 10 minutes so the next time your teacher asks to go over the dance you will remember everything because you practiced. You also could've gotten better at the skill because you practiced. To make it even more fun, practice with friends!

9. Commitment.

Committing to dance is very important. Always be early and show up 15 minutes before class... and don't skip classes!

10. Apply corrections.

Corrections aren't bad - they're amazing! When your teacher gives you a correction, take it and use it to make your self better - don't throw it away. Practice your corrections at home so you won't repeat your mistakes again.

Comment below on something that YOU have learned from dance!

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