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5 Tips for a Successful Dance Season

You've been waiting all summer for this moment and it's finally so close, you can already smell the undeniable odor of sweaty jazz shoes!

Starting a new season is exciting, but for some, there may be some nervousness creeping in - especially if it's their first time taking dance classes or if they are going to a new studio. Fear not dance beauties! I have compiled a list of 5 tips to ensure you start the new dance season off like a seasoned pro!

1. Be Prepared

There's nothing worse than showing up to dance class and being the only one in the wrong dancewear! Be sure to find out the studio's dress code before classes begin so you can go shopping (yay!) and get fully prepared for classes. Don't forget to find out hair requirements as well! Most studios will want your hair up in a slicked back bun. Not sure how to do a bun? Check out this awesome tutorial!

2. Policies & Procedures

Most of the time studios will give you a registration package which lay out all the policies and procedures they have. If you don't have yours yet, don't panic! It may already be in the mail on its way! If the studio doesn't give one out, be sure to give them a call or send an email asking them about their policies and procedures.

Going in with this knowledge helps prepare you so that you know what is expected of you right from the get-go. 

3. Introduce Yourself

If you are new to the studio, be sure to introduce yourself to other dancers. They say that dance friends are forever friends for a reason! Don't be afraid to say hi to other dancers. There will probably be other new dancers there as well - you aren't alone!

For those who are returning students, introduce yourself to new students and help them feel comfortable. Show them around the studio, introduce them to your friends and make them feel welcome.

4. Set Goals

If you are new to dance, you may not know what specific dance goals to set, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't set any! Goals you can make include: make a new friend at the studio, memorize the barre exercises in 6 weeks, etc.

For experienced dancers, think about things you struggled with last year that you want to improve on this year. Write them down and create action steps to achieve your goals. Challenge yourself with 30-day challenges to meet these goals one step at a time and in an achievable time frame.

5. Communicate

So you've started classes and you are feeling really unsure about things. You are having difficulty understanding one of the exercises or you are feeling frustrated with yourself for not picking things up as easily as you may have thought you would. Maybe you feel the class is too hard and you feel a different level would suit you better. Please, do not give up and quit! Instead, communicate with your teacher! She/he will know how to help you and wants to see you succeed.

Not comfortable approaching your teacher? Talk to your mom or dad and explain that you don't want to quit, but you would like to discuss with the teacher about additional help, guidance or trying another class/level.

Did these tips help you? Let us know in the comments! And, as always, share this post to a fellow dancer who may benefit from these tips as well - basically any dancer!

Have a wonderful first week of the new dance season!

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