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5 Reasons to Continue Dancing this Summer

The dance season is over... you are hanging up your recital costumes, wincing at the smell of your dance bag with all your well-used shoes.

What now?

Two months is a long time to not be working on your technique. After working all season to improve and push yourself, of course a little break is well-deserved and needed... but don't be so quick to hang up that leotard for too long!

There are numerous benefits to summer dance training! Here are 5 amazing things that summer dance training can bring to make your summer unforgettable:

1. Creative Exploration & Development

Younger dancers that join summer camps and classes will get to see another side of the dance world! Whether it be dance-related activities and crafts (designing a dance costume, learning ballet miming, etc.), older dancers are often encouraged to challenge their creativity and explore different movement ideas and choreographic development. This gives dancers a fresh way too look at the art of dance and inspires them for the upcoming new season!

2. Confidence

Whether it be a week-long camp or weekly classes, training in the summer helps you maintain that technique you worked so hard on achieving all year as well as helps you strive to perfect those techniques. You will be around teachers focused on getting you prepared for the next season, which not only gives you a leg up when walking into classes in September, but boosts your confidence! Not to mention that dance in itself is a huge confidence builder.

3. Retain & Gain

Oftentimes summer can lead to a decrease in activity that you are used to both with your brain and your muscles. Dance requires you to memorise choreographic sequences, work on musicality, train your muscles to remember so many things at once (chin up, ribs in, lengthen spine, turn out from the hips, chest lifted, tailbone down, etc.) and gives you a healthy workout. Going back to the studio after a couple months of no training means you have to make up those months of training when you get back. Summer dance helps you retain and gain skills!

4. Try New Styles

Summer is the perfect time to try new styles of dance you may have not tried before without the commitment of the entire season. Explore new heights with an aerial arts / cirque class, discover the amazing rhythm of tap, take your flexibility and strength to new levels in acro. There are so many opportunities to discover new styles of dance that you may fall in love with!

5. Friendship

There's a reason for the saying, "Dance friends are the best friends." The friendships made in dance classes create a special, lifelong bond. You warm up together, stretch together, learn together. You congratulate each other when you perfect a skill and lean on each other when you feel frustrated. You feed off their energy and you feel inspired by them. You push each other to do your best and cheer each other on. These are the friendships that you will treasure forever.

Have an amazing, dance-filled summer!

Check out our summer programming by clicking here.

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