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MINI MOVERS (Ages 5-7)


Primary Ballet

Ballet is the foundation of multiple styles of dance and will help your child develop grace, balance, coordination, posture, among other beginning ballet concepts.

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Mini Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a huge favourite for many dancers as they get to develop their own style while dancing to popular, kid-friendly music they love! Your child will learn the basics of hip hop, rhythms, body control, coordination, and so much more.

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Mini Cirque

Our littlest acrobats take things to the next level as they begin learning circus skills! Your child will learn strength and flexibility as they discover the static trapeze, hoop, and silks with certified teachers.


Primary Tap

Once your child puts their first pair of tap shoes on, they will be hooked as they learn to make rhythm and music with their feet! Tap helps to teach dancers about musicality and is a wonderful addition to other styles as well as on its own.


Tiny Tumblers

Our Tiny Tumblers acrobatics program will help your child develop strength and flexibility as they learn tumbling, balancing, and limbering skills with certified teachers in a safe, supportive, and super fun environment!



Does your child love to sing, act, and dance? Our ShowKids class brings the love of Broadway to the studio as your child learns basic voice, acting, and musical theatre style dance through fun drama games, vocal exercises, and dance combinations!


Primary Jazz

Jazz is very high energy, so if your child loves upbeat music, this is perfect for them! Your child will develop flexibility, strength, and style in a nurturing environment. Ballet is strongly recommended as it helps with the foundational aspects of jazz.


Mini Lyrical

Imagine your child dancing to the lyrics and the music... flowing movements and expression. We are so proud to now offer lyrical classes to our Mini Movers. If your child loves to be expressive and connects to music, this is a perfect class.

* Must also be enrolled in either ballet or jazz. *

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Voice & Music

Your child will learn to sing, play piano, or play guitar by a qualified, nurturing teacher as they develop a passion for music. Various exercises, warm-ups, and theory will be introduced.

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