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8-18 yrs.

Our Spotlight program is our performance division for dancers who are looking for something a bit more than recreational. It is the perfect step up and a great introduction to the world of competitive dance and gives them more performance opportunities.

ballerina princess

4-18 yrs.

The Apprentice program is our part-time competitive program for those not yet ready to train full-time. It is the perfect next step up from the Spotlight program, but also works wonderfully as the next step up from recreational.

hip hop

Hip Hop Crew
6-18 yrs.

Our Hip Hop Crew is perfect for dancers who want to focus on the style and compete. This program has a lower time commitment than some of our other competitive programs, so it's a great option for dancers with a busy schedule but still want to compete.

teen jazz

4-18 yrs.

Our Elite competitive program is for those die-hard dancers! These dancers train in several different styles so they become well-rounded, employable dancers. The friends and memories that are made truly last forever!


Flight Squad
6-18 yrs.

Flight Squad is a very athletic competitive program! Dancers train in acro, cirque, and a few other required classes while training their strength and flexibility. Flight Squad members will train in acrobatics and aerial acrobatics including the trapeze, hoop, and silks.


Ballet Company
7-18 yrs.

Our Ballet Company is designed for dancers looking for a challenging and focused ballet education. Dancers train in supplemental styles along with their ballet classes and attend dance competitions with our other teams.

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