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Ballet is the foundation of multiple styles of dance and develops grace, balance, coordination, posture, among other amazing benefits. Our studio follows the highly respected Cecchetti syllabus and your dancer will have the opportunity to take dance exams. Exams are a great way to instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in dancers.



Our Jazz classes are a ton of fun and develop a strong, technical foundation for dancers. These classes include warm-ups, stretching, barre work, across the floor, and center exercises and combinations. Exams are available.

toes to head


Acrobatics combines strength, flexibility, balancing, tumbling, and limbering skills and is a very high-energy class. Our acro classes are led by certified instructors in a safe atmosphere.



Whether you want to act for film, commercials, or stage, this class is perfect for the aspiring actor! Learn acting techniques, explore scripted and unscripted work, and much more!



Pointe classes are what every little ballerina aspires and dreams of when they begin their classical ballet journey! Pre-Pointe must be completed prior to joining our Pointe classes. Pre-Pointe is by invitation only and assessments will be completed prior to pointe shoes being purchased. This class is for the serious dancer.

teen dancer

Lyrical & Contemporary

This popular class combines elements and styles from ballet, jazz, and modern. Dancers learn to connect emotionally with both the music and choreography and explore improvisation.

* Must also be enrolled in ballet or jazz. *



Join the circus! With our certified instructors, explore and learn aerial dance with the static trapeze, hoop, and silks while also learning acrobatics skills in a safe and supportive environment.


Voice & Music

Learn to sing, play piano, or play guitar by a qualified, nurturing teacher as you develop your passion for music. Various exercises, warm-ups, and theory will be used in classes.

tap dance


Tap is a highly recommended, exciting, and upbeat class! It helps develop a sense of rhythm and musicality in dancers and complements other styles perfectly. Dancers will learn both Broadway style tap and Street tap as they learn how to make music with their feet! Exams are also available for our tap classes.

hip hop dancer

Hip Hop

This energetic classes is perfect for those high-energy dancers who love jammin' to their favourite songs! Dancers will learn different styles of hip hop in a fun, nurturing, non-judgmental, and supportive environment.

lyrical dancer


Level up your technique and skills with this awesome and challenging class! Enroll in this class if you want to refine your turning and jumping techniques along with your strength and flexibility.

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