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The economic effects of COVID-19 have had an enormous effect on many families, leaving dancers unable to afford to train and unable to have an amazing experience.


Then there are low-income families that just cannot give them that opportunity. Should their dreams just be denied? Destroyed?


What about a child who is just a little too far away, where transportation is the barrier to the same dream?


Move Performing Arts Inc.'s sponsorship program looks to bridge the gap, giving you many avenues to connect a dancer to a dream.

Your donation will help a child get an amazing performing arts education as well as things like help them acquire the dancewear needed for classes, go to a summer camp they have been praying and hoping to be able to attend, and transportation assistance to and from the studio.

Our children need us now more than ever. They have endured such difficulties over the past 2+ years of lockdowns and mandates. Their mental health has suffered immensely. Dance and the performing arts are a wonderful way to express themselves and, here at Move, they can do so in a loving, encouraging, supportive, and family-oriented atmosphere where each child is loved, valued, and appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance for making a child's dream come true!

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